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Atlanta-Film Forum is a live, magazine-style program that starts its eleventh year on People TV beginning September 9, 2003.  It is hosted by co-producers Aron Siegel and Matt Ceccato.  Aron conceived the show and has been its producer and co-host since 1992.   He has also worked behind the cameras with feature film directors and cinematographers (including Bill Pope of The Matrix) on several productions in the Southeast.  Matt is an independent film critic and author of the Internet Atlanta Movie Theater Guide  He has been actively reviewing the current movie-going conditions in the Atlanta area for the past three years.  No kernel of popcorn, no out of focus projector, no dirty restroom is safe from Matt's keen eye for detail.  Matt has also worked with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company as a performer.  Additionally, Matt is a contributing writer to The GMS Legion, Georgia's fastest growing small press comic.

     Film Forum critically reviews movies currently showing at theaters and recently released home video/pay-per-view titles.  Each 30-minute program also features either a guest from the Georgia/Southeast film industry or a notable film personality, director, writer or producer.

The show encourages audience participation by allowing viewers the opportunity to speak directly to the hosts and guests via call-in.

Segments also include commentary focusing on "sleeper" or independent movies, trivia, where viewers are able to answer questions posed by the hosts, and state of the film industry discussions.  Viewers can also receive complimentary movie passes by sending in self-addressed, stamped envelopes.

     Film Forum is originally broadcast LIVE every Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM on Metro Atlanta's Comcast Channel 24 and replayed every Thursday at 2:00 PM and Saturday at varying times.  The show is broadcast on Comcast Broadband (Channel 25) in DeKalb County and Decatur every Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  Finally, the show is shown repeatedly during the week on the Georgia Tech and Georgia State closed circuit cable systems and is also broadcast on Channel 22 on Fridays at 11:30 am on the metro Atlanta UHF dial.


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