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Episode Recap

Episode 3


Films Reviewed: Cold Creek Manor and Thirteen

Commentary: Dennis Quaid

Featurette: Cold Creek Manor

Regarding Cold Creek Manor:

Matt: "I liked it.  A tried and true thriller done before, but this one was fun.  Three stars."

Aron: "Touchstone Pictures advertised this as a haunted house film, which it was clearly not.  This was not what I was expecting, and that was disappointing.  Two stars."

Average Rating: Two and a half stars (out of four)

Regarding Thirteen:    

Aron: "Unpleasant and unflinching.  But the performances were spot on, despite a shaky camera.  Three stars."

Matt: "I have to concur.  Not a Dogma 95 film, but it did have a similar feel.  Evan Rachel Wood continues to shine.  Three stars."

Average Rating: Three stars (out of four)

Commentary: The film works of Dennis Quaid.  Films highlighted include The Right Stuff, Dreamscape, Innerspace, Any Given Sunday and Far From Heaven, to name a few.

Featurette: Behind the scenes of Cold Creek Manor, with Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone.