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Episode 8


Films Reviewed: Shall We Dance? and Friday Night Lights

Commentary: Our favorite dance sequences on film

Special Guest: Location Sound Mixer Whit Norris 

Regarding Shall We Dance?:

Matt: I liked the Japanese version quite a bit, so I was quite surprised that I enjoyed this remake just as much as, if not a little more.  Richard Gere really pulled off playing a bad dancer becoming good when he is, in fact, quite a good dancer already.  And the underworld of competitive ballroom dancing is portrayed perfectly.  A real surprise!  Three and a half stars.

Aron: I, also, liked the Japanese version.  The dancing in the American remake is more memorable than in the original.  Plus the supporting cast is given their props as well.  Stanley Tucci is quite funny as the office jock by day/ballroom scorcher by night.  Take a loved one to see this; you'll really like it.  Three and a half stars from me as well.

Average Rating: ***1/2  (out of ****)

Regarding Friday Night Lights:

Aron: A pretty good high school sports film.  Billy Bob Thornton does a masterful job as a football coach in Odessa, TX, whose town lives on their team.  It does capture the town's life quite well, and is a real testament to what happens on any Friday night during the fall in the USA.  Three stars.

Matt: The football scenes are the only reason to see this film.  They were filmed beautifully under the watchful eyes of an NFL Films camera crew.  But the story has been told before.  Also, the characters are all stock, high school football players who don't get much opportunity to develop.  Still, worth seeing on the big screen.  Three stars.

Average Rating: ***  (out of ****)

Commentary:  What do John Travolta, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Paul Mercurio all have in common?  They starred in films with some excellent dancing!  Aron and Matt took a few minutes to discuss some of their favorite dance sequences over the years on film.

Special Guest: Aron and Matt were thrilled to have Whit Norris come on the show!  Whit demonstrated some of his tools and techniques for getting the best sound out of actors and conditions, including the reviewed Friday Night LightsCheck out his credentials here!