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Episode 2:

Films reviewed: The Matrix Reloaded and X2: X-Men United


Regarding The Matrix Reloaded


Matt: “The human story outweighs the special effects, which I thought was great.So many things could have gone wrong, but the only thing that did was Zion.Three and a half stars”

Aron: "The Special FX are incredible.  There seems to be some disjointed-ness regarding the story, the martial arts scenes, and the special FX as though they are three seperate films.  Overall, I enjoyed it though.  Three and a half stars"

Average star rating: three and a half stars

Regarding X2: X-Men United

Aron: "The male mutants take a back seat to the female mutants in this sequel.  An incredibly strong film.  I really had a good time! Four stars."

Matt: “Much better than the first film, which I did enjoy.Probably the most important comic book movie ever made based on its subject matter.Especially loved Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler.   Four stars.”

Average star rating: four stars

Commentary: Computers in the Movies

Films discussed include 2001, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, WarGames, Short Circuit, Electric Dreams

Featurette: X-2: X-Men United