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Season Recap


Episode 3:

Films reviewed: Bruce Almighty and Down with Love

Commentary: Jim Carrey Movies

Featurette: Down with Love

Regarding Bruce Almighty

Matt: “A message film that makes its message very funnily, and a nice comic turn out by Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Anniston.  Three stars.”
Aron: "A nice perspective on God and humanity that's done in a comic style. Three Stars"

Average rating: three stars

Regarding: Down with Love

Aron: "Brilliant!  The art direction, score, and everything about this film screams 60's!"  I loved this film!"

Matt: “It was an exercise in style, nothing more.I could have cared less about these characters.Two stars.”

Average rating: Two and a half stars

Commentary: “Alll Righty, then!”Jim Carrey movies

Featurette: Down with Love