Film Forum

Episode Recap

Episode 4


Films reviewed: The Italian Job and The In-Laws

Commentary: The MTV Movie Awards

Special Guest: Brian Newman

Regarding The Italian Job

Matt: “An entertaining caper film with lots of comedy and action.It knocked my socks off.  Three stars”

Aron: "A great heist film.  Had me guessing for a while.  Three stars"

Average rating: three stars

Regarding The In-Laws

Aron: "The casting leads you to believe this would be funnier than the original.  Unfortunately, it's not.  I really wanted this film to be better.  Two Stars"

Matt: “Pathetically unfunny.One star.”

Average rating: one and a half stars

Commentary: discussing the awards and winners of the MTV Movie Awards

Guest:  Brian Newman of Image Film and Video--Discussing the Atlanta Film Festival

Image's web site--