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Episode Recap

Episode Six


Films Reviewed: Hulk and Hollywood Homicide

Commentary: Why movies cost so much

Special Feature: Behind the scenes with Hulk

Regarding Hulk:

Matt: “The Hulk looks real and Ang Lee is able to rise (somewhat) above the source material.  I am not a Hulk fan, but the movie works.  Three stars.”

Aron: “The Hulk looks fake and the film is a case of familiarity.  Two stars.”

Average rating: Two stars

Regarding Hollywood Homicide:

Aron: “I had fun.  This is something new in the cop buddy genre.  Three stars.”

Matt: “I loved the characters and the situations of a real estate cop and his actor partner.  Also the first time I liked Josh Hartnett.  Three stars.”(You can read Matt’s review of Hollywood Homicide here)

Average Rating: Three stars

Commentary: Why movies cost so much.  An op/ed article in a North Carolina newspaper regarding the fees involved in making The Matrix Reloaded prompted local radio talk show host Neal Boortz to retaliate.  The link to this article is here.

Special Feature: Behind the Scenes with Hulk