Film Forum

Episode Recap

Episode 9


Films Reviewed: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Commentary: The recent Hollywood deaths

Special Feature: Pink’s video from Charlie’s Angels

Regarding The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

Matt: ”This is one of the best films I’ve seen this summer.It is filled with literary in-jokes, slam-bang action and an all around great time!Sean Connery can still kick butt.Four stars!”

Aron: “I did like it, but not as strongly as Matt.Still, it’s quite entertaining and features some fine performances all around.Three stars.”

Average rating: Three and a half stars

Regarding Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Aron: “What a Charlie’s Angels film should be.Nicely done by all involved.Three stars.”

Matt: “An improvement over the first filmBernie Mac can keep the role of Bosley if he wants it.Three stars.”

Average rating: Three stars

Commentary: The deaths of Gregory Peck, Hume Cronyn, Katharine Hepburn, N!xau and Barry White

Special Feature: Pink’s video for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle