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Episode Recap

Episode 11

Films Reviewed: Seabiscuit and Johnny English

Commentary: Movies about Horses

Featurette: Pirates of the Caribbean

Regarding Seabiscuit:

Matt: "A slice of Americana with wonderful performances, terrific photography and exciting horse racing sequences.  It's also forty minutes too long.  Gary Ross loves his characters too much to cut anything out of this film.  Still, it is worth seeing.  Three stars."

Aron: "I loved this film!  Everything about it works, and I wish it went on longer.  This film brought a tear to my eye.  Four stars!"

Average rating: three and a half stars

Regarding Johnny English:

Aron: "This film is hilarious!  Universal must be in the tear making business, because I was laughing that hard!  Four stars!"

Matt: "Rowan Atkinson is funny.  This movie is not.  I would have liked to seen this character in another profession, as the spy genre has been done to death.  Two stars."

Average rating: Three stars

Commentary: Movies with horses.  Examples cited include The Horse Whisperer, National Velvet, The Black Stallion, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken and Equus

 Featurette The sword fighting in Pirates of the Caribbean.