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Episode Recap

Episode 5

May 10, 2005

Films Reviewed: Monster-In-Law and xXx: State of the Union

Commentary: Remembering Joe Grant

Featurette: Behind the scenes of Kingdom of Heaven

Regarding Monster-In-Law:

Matt: I had fun with this film.  Jane Fonda still has her comedic acting abilities and J. Lo proves she can hold her own with such a screen pro.  It's a lot better than any of the Meet the... films, and I actually slapped my knee during this film.  I do not do that very often!  Three stars.

Aron: It was really nice to see Jane Fonda again.  The story might not be all that original, but I spent too much time laughing to really care.  Michael Vartan is also good as the groom to be and Wanda Sykes continues to be Wanda.  I had fun, and so will you.  Three stars from me as well.

Average Rating: *** (out of ****)

Regarding xXx: State of the Union:

Aron: Not to rip off the gay community for this, but Ice Cube is as much an action hero as a fish needs a bicycle.  This film is a poor excuse for fans of the franchise.  The plot has holes you can pilot a Mack Truck through and the acting is all out of place.  Please don't see this.  One half of one star.

Matt: Vin Diesel is sorely missed here.  What was written could have been an interesting film about a coup of the President, but we get an Ice Cube vehicle.  Sure, Sam Jackson and Michael Roof are back for some laughs, but why bring these characters only to be foils?  I'd rather not talk about it.  One half of one star from me as well.

Average Rating: 1/2* (out of ****)

Commentary: Disney animator Joe Grant, the man who created the Wicked Queen for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, passed away last week, just days shy of his 97th birthday.  Aron and Matt took a little time to remember some of his creations.

Featurette: Behind the scenes of Kingdom of Heaven, directed by Ridley Scott