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Episode Recap

Episode 7

May 24, 2005

Films Reviewed: Kicking and Screaming and It's All Gone Pete Tong

Commentary: Robert Duvall 

Featurette: The fighting in Revenge of the Sith

Regarding Kicking and Screaming:

Matt: A kiddie sports film for adults.  And the adults were acting more like children.  Will Ferrell is a funny guy, but this routine got old quickly.  And Robert Duvall is too good an actor to slum in a role like this.  But the soccer action did look pretty good.  Two stars.

Aron: I felt like crying after seeing this.  I was in that much pain.  Robert Duvall is back in Great Santini mode here and it was very overdone.  And will people stop making these Bad News Bears types of films.  I'm going to be generous: two stars.  

Average Rating: ** (out of ****)

Regarding It's All Gone Pete Tong :

Aron: Being a former DJ, I could really appreciate the way this film was made.  We are given a story about a DJ going deaf and how he finds his way back into life.  Not a bad little film, but not the "mockumentary" that the press has made it out to be.  Three stars.

Matt: The DJ goes deaf because he abuses drugs.  And I can't feel sorry for anybody in that situation.  The music was good, though.  Two stars.

Average Rating: **1/2 (out of ****)

Commentary: Robert Duvall has had quite the career.  Aron and Matt take a few minutes to look at some of his best (and worst) roles.

Featurette: The fighting in  Revenge of the SithLots of exciting stuff!