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Episode Recap

Episode 2


Films Reviewed: Shrek 2 and Kill Bill Volume 2

Commentary: The "R" card and the state of the MPAA's rating system

Featurette: Antonio Banderas in Shrek 2

Regarding Shrek 2:

Matt: This film joins The Godfather, Part II and The Lord of the Rings series as being a sequel that is even better than its predecessor!  The new and old voice talent blend seamlessly and the story gets knocked up a few pegs higher.  I especially liked the new jokes at the expense of a certain "magical" film studio.  Four Stars!!

Aron: Man, I was laughing too hard to really concentrate on this film!  But that just goes to show how wonderful this film is.  Antonio Banderas is wonderful as Puss-N-Boots, the kitty assassin.  Do not blink, or you will miss something!!  Four stars!! 

Average Rating: **** (out of ****)

Regarding Kill Bill Volume 2:

Aron: The second part of Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece is just that: a masterpiece of revenge and human conflict.  This, along with Volume 1, represents a story bigger than its parts.  Uma Thurman is a wonderful assassin/victim!  Four stars!!

Matt: God bless Quentin Tarantino.  Volume 2 is more of a film than Volume 1 was, and we are all still the better for it.  Kung Fu movies, Charles Bronson... they all get their due and respect.  I need to see this one again!  Four stars, to boot!!

Average Rating: **** (out of ****)

Note: This is the first time both Aron and Matt have given four stars to both films reviewed on any episode of Film Forum.

Commentary:  A theater in southern Illinois has come up with a way for teenagers to see "R" rated films without those parents/adults around.  Aron and Matt debated the worth of the card, the state of CARA and what parents probably should do in circumstances like these.  Namely, make sure they know what their children are watching!

Featurette: An interview with Antonio Banderas regarding his role as Puss-N-Boots in Shrek 2.  In the interview, he wore something out of his own wardrobe, which demonstrates one of the highlights of voice-over work.