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Episode Recap

Episode 5


Films Reviewed: The Chronicles of Riddick and Man on Fire

Commentary: The MTV Movie Awards

Guests: Bren Allison and Micah Eavenson of Beijos Productions 

Regarding The Chronicles of Riddick:

Matt: This film, a sequel to Pitch Black, seems to have suffered from rumored studio interference.  Vin Diesel knows the ins and outs of his character, but the film looks as if was put together by committee.  Judi Dench is given little to do.  A director's cut on DVD is called for.  Two stars.

Aron: The fact that you need to have seen Pitch Black really deters from an enjoyment of this film.  The movie features some great visual effects, but the story doesn't really come alive until it echoes scenes from the first film.  Maybe some more exposition would be good here.  Two stars.

Average Rating: ** (out of ****)

Regarding Man on Fire:

Aron: A real crackerjack thriller!  Denzel Washington is great as a bodyguard motivated by revenge.  Lots of style to spare and a tight story abound.  Three stars.

Matt: The film features young actor Dakota Fanning in her first honest performance- she actually plays a real kid for once.  Also, the film has style to spare, courtesy Tony Scott.  Three stars.

Average Rating: *** (out of ****)

Commentary:  The results of the MTV Movie Awards, which air this week.  Categories include Best Kiss, Best Dance Sequence, Best Trans-Atlantic Performance and Best Villain.  Hosted by Lindsey Lohan.

Guests: We had Bren Allison and Micah Eavenson on the show!  They brought us a scene from their first feature, Chosen.  Check out their site here!