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Episode Recap

Episode 7


Films Reviewed: Two Brothers and White Chicks

Commentary: Brothers in Movies

Featurette: The Pitch Black SE DVD

Regarding Two Brothers:

Matt: Finally, a movie about animals that was (probably) made by animals!  The two tiger cubs, Sangah and Kumar, are fantastic in all they do.  The humans, smartly, stay out of the way of the proceedings.  But when they have to make their appearance felt, they do so with skill and dignity.  Definitely a much better cat film than Garfield.  (Aron: "Are we going to compare all the movies we see this summer to that one?")  Three and a half stars.

Aron: I have to agree with that.  If these tiger cubs were trained, then there is no way we can tell that; their acting is so natural.  The photography is, at times, breathtaking.  And while the cubs have their awe inspiring moments (Matt: "Awwww... they're sooo cute!!"), none of that is played down to anybody.  This is another wonderful film to take the family to this summer!  Three and a half stars.

Average Rating: ***1/2 (out of ****)

Regarding White Chicks:

Aron: The Wayans Brothers, never slackers when it comes to the comedy department, have struck again with a very funny film!  The make-up done Shawn and Marlon posing as hotel heiresses is up there among the best Hollywood has done in recent years.  More laughs than I can really count.  Three and a half stars

Matt: Actually, this is the most honest film Keenan Ivory Wayans has made in a very long time.  It's not a straight out parody of anything from the last twenty years.  Granted, there is something in this to offend most everyone, it is kept to a bare minimum and prefers to go for straight out laughs.  The two actresses who play the real heiresses are also fantastic.  Three and a half stars from me as well.

Average Rating: ***1/2 (out of ****)

Commentary: "Oh, Brother, where art thou?"  Most likely in Hollywood, making movies.  We looked at the Coen brothers, the Wachowski brothers, the Wayans brothers, the Farrelly brothers and (of course) the Warner Brothers.

Featurette: Behind the scenes of the making of the Pitch Black SE DVD.  We liked that better than The Chronicles of Riddick.