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Episode Recap

Episode 8


Films Reviewed: Spider-Man 2 and The Notebook

Commentary: Oddball romances

Featurette: Behind the scenes of Around the World in 80 Days

Regarding Spider-Man 2:

Matt: Spider-Man 2 follows the formula of another successful superhero sequel, Superman II.  In fact, the films share too many items for me to really call Spider-Man 2 a real sequel as opposed to a remake.  But the film does boast some great performances, awesome CGI effects and a couple fun cameos.  Three stars.

Aron: No, it's not a remake of Superman II.  It is its own story marked with great things all around.  Alfred Molina breathes real life into Doctor Octopus.  And the movie has more than enough scenes to make you laugh and jump.  Definitely one of the best films of the summer.  Four stars!

Average Rating: ***1/2 (out of ****)

Regarding The Notebook:

Aron: What a fantastic romantic movie!  Sure, you could classify it as a "chick flick" (Matt: "Not that there is anything wrong with that"), but who cares?  Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are perfect as the young lovers, and they are matched by James Garner and Gena Rowlands (the director's mother).  Bring tissue paper and a loved one.  Four stars!

Matt: This is probably the most honest love story I've ever seen on the Silver Screen.  Every single performance rings true.  Nick Cassavetes really did inherit the directing gene from his father, John.  The film is maybe an ending too long, but that's easily overlooked because everyone here did a fantastic job.  Four stars!

Average Rating: **** (out of ****)

Commentary: Would a couple like that really exist in real life?  We took a look at some of the odder movie romances, including Harold and Maude, Benny & Joon, True Romance and Alfred Einstein playing matchmaker in I.Q..  All available at your local video store. 

Featurette: Behind the scenes of Around the World in 80 Days, starring Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan and many cameos.