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Episode Recap

Episode 12

March 30, 2004

Films Reviewed: Home on the Range and The Ladykillers

Commentary: Movie Theater Etiquette

Featurette: The music from Home on the Range

Regarding Home on the Range:

Matt: If Disney had made this film sooner, then this would possibly have not been the last traditional animated feature from the Mouse House.  The voice casting (especially Roseanne) is perfect and the villain is quite unique in his powers.  Three stars.

Aron: This is one fine looking traditional animated feature.  The colors and the backgrounds are all excellent.  The songs are a lot of fun and this will entertain the entire family as opposed to just small children.  Three stars

Average Rating: (*** out of ****)

Regarding The Ladykillers:

Aron: I liked this one better than the 1955 original.  Lots of laughs and inspired performances.  Three stars.

Matt: It didn't make me forget the original, but Tom Hanks is wonderful as the bad guy.  He needs to work with the Coen brothers more often.  Three stars

Average Rating: (*** out of ****)

Commentary: Once again, Aron and Matt demonstrated how not to behave in a movie theater while the film is playing.  Aron and Matt both blocked the screen (Aron representing people coming in late, Matt representing people finding out the film isn't over when the credits start).  Aron spoke on his cell phone.  Matt rattled his candy and kicked Aron's chair.  And both heard crying babies and wild children.  Once again, should you encounter this behavior, see the manager and put a stop to it.

Featurette: The recording of the songs in Home on the Range, featuring the stylings of Bonnie Raitt, k.d. lang and Tim McGraw.