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Films Reviewed: The Big Bounce and The Butterfly Effect

Commentary: What got snubbed by the Academy

Featurette: The voices of Finding Nemo

Regarding The Big Bounce:

Matt: This is another Elmore Leonard novel come to life on the big screen.  Sometimes they work, and other times they do not.  This falls into the latter category.  Despite some inspired performances, this one is pretty weak.  Two stars.

Aron: This film just didn't make me care about anything.  There was no point behind any of the actions any of the characters take.  It was nicely filmed in Hawaii, but a film needs more than a great location.  I also give it two stars.

Average Rating: ** (out of ****)

Regarding The Butterfly Effect:

Aron: This is the first great movie of 2004!  It takes the whole "what if?" scenario from "Chaos Theory" and turns it on its ear.  The performances and the special effects are all inspired.  I can't wait to see this one again.  Four stars!

Matt: Um, this film is really mediocre.  Great concept, lousy script.  But Ashton Kutcher the actor wasn't all bad.  Two stars

Average Rating: *** (out of ****)

Commentary: What the Academy didn't nominate for an Oscar, but should have.  Matt picked Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Cold Mountain and the song from The School of Rock.  Aron explained a theory why Cold Mountain didn't get more nods.

Featurette: The voices in Finding Nemo, which was nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Screenplay.