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Episode Recap

Episode 4


Films Reviewed: The Perfect Score and Monster

DVD-Tails: The 35th anniversary edition of Planet of the Apes

Featurette: Behind the scenes of Paycheck

Regarding The Perfect Score:

Matt: This should have been a good heist film about a subject that matters most to high-schoolers, the SAT.  However, the characters were one note and the situation was implausible.  Two stars 

Aron: Well, it's okay.  It is kind of fun to see for a matinee, but don't read too much into this.  Scarlett Johannsen delivers a good performance, though.  Two stars

Average Rating: ** (out of ****)

Regarding Monster:

Aron: Very, very rough and unpleasant.  But this film is very powerful and deserves to be seen.  Charlize Theorn will win the Oscar for this.  Four stars.

Matt: I have to agree with Aron.  Also, Christina Ricci matches Charlize scene for scene.  But be warned, though.  This film is very unpleasant to see.  But it is worth it.  Four stars.

Average Rating: **** (out of ****)

DVD-Tails: "Get your stinking paws off me, you damn, dirty ape!!"  Aron and Matt discussed the appeal behind the original Planet of the Apes, released as a 35th anniversary collector's edition on DVD.

Featurette: Behind the scenes of Paycheck, starring Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman and Aaron Eckhart