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Episode Recap

Episode 8

March 1, 2005

Films Reviewed: The Pacifier and Son of the Mask

Commentary: The 77th Annual Academy Awards

Regarding The Pacifier:

Matt: At first, the film is dreadful.  Predictable military man collides with predictable Disney teens and children.  But Vin Diesel (in his first comedy) figures out what to do and the film starts to work.  The characters are awfully cliche, but undemanding "tweens" should enjoy it.  It sort of won me over, too.  Two and a half stars.

Aron: Not all that great.  But Vin Diesel does have more than his fair share of moments.  The story is predictable but it does have some charming moments.  Brad Garrett does make an amusing comic foil and Lauren Graham was nice, too.  Two and a half stars.

Average Rating: **1/2 (out of ****)

Regarding Son of the Mask:

Aron: Jamie Kennedy is okay as the new wearer of "The Mask".  But he is no Jim Carrey.  The title character is cute, but the gags are rather predictable.  Still, it was kind of fun.  Kind of.  Two stars.

Matt: This was supposed to be New Line Cinema's "summer tent-pole" picture of 2004.  Instead, it opens in Winter 2005.  That should have been enough warning for me to completely avoid this "homage" to Chuck Jones and Walter Lantz.  Showing scenes from classic animated shorts, then repeating those same scenes shot for shot does not work.  I didn't laugh once.  Zero stars.

Average Rating: * (out of ****)

Commentary: Aron and Matt reviewed their predictions from last week's show, and went four for six.  Both had to wear their Oskur caps for failing to pick Martin Scorscese for Best Director and split on Best Picture.  Also, Matt had some ideas to improve the broadcast (like, get rid of the commercials) and Aron had some comments on the other winners that evening.  But both were glad that the Oscars will return to March in 2006.