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Episode Recap

Episode 3; Fall 2005


Films Reviewed: Prime and Saw II

Commentary: The works of Uma Thurman

Regarding Prime:

Matt: It was impossible for me to suspend disbelief with this film because my mother was a marriage and family therapist for almost twenty years.  The behavior of the Meryl Streep character was beyond inexcusable for someone in her position.  Sure, the chances of a shrink's offspring dating one of their clients is remote.  But did everyone in this film have to be this stupid?  One and a half stars.

Aron: Well, it does have some cute, funny moments.  Uma Thurman has never looked better and the film does lend itself to a wacky kind of feeling.  I can only recommend this as a matinee.  Don't pay full price to see this one.  Two and a half stars.

Average Rating: ** (out of ****)

Regarding Saw II:

Aron: I wish to stress, once again, that this film is not a horror film.  It is a psychological horror film to the first degree in quality!  The new situations play out brilliantly and there is sickness to spare for everyone.  Definitely a film that is equal to its predecessor.  Four stars!

Matt: As a psychological thriller/horror film, it does work enough for me to recommend it.  However, the only film I can compare this to is the first film in the series and it, sadly, doesn't measure up.  By itself, the film does perform admirably in all the respective departments.  But I was let down a little in the genius that was the first film.  Still worth seeing.  Three stars

Average Rating: ***1/2 (out of ****)

Commentary: Uma?  Oprah!  Have you met Keanu?  Okay, maybe we didn't need to remind you that David Letterman hosted the Oscars ten years ago and spent most of his monologue doing that.  But Aron and Matt talked about the fine career Uma Thurman has had almost over 20 years.