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Episode Recap

Episode 9


Films Reviewed: The Ice Harvest and Yours, Mine and Ours

Commentary: Movie Theater Etiquette

Featurette: Behind the scenes of the new King Kong

Regarding The Ice Harvest:

Matt: This is not a Christmas comedy.Itís a very, very, very dark thriller with very dark comedic overtones.John Cusack does okay in his first real despicable character, but the film really didnít snow me over.Two and a half stars.

Aron: Yeah, the film isnít entirely successful.Billy Bob Thornton and Connie Nielsen looked like they were having fun, though.This will definitely play to those that hate Christmas movies better than those who do.Two and a half stars from me as well.

Average Rating: **1/2 (out of ****)

Regarding Yours, Mine and Ours:

Aron: I do not see what our colleagues saw in this.I saw an entertaining family comedy featuring eighteen kids, several pets, lots of paint and not one unpleasant nerve in its screenplay.This is something you can take your family to and feel pretty good about.Three stars.

Matt: This was the first time I ever saw Dennis Quaid do slapstick comedy.And he was quite a natural at it.The film does offer more for smaller fry than for grown ups, but it is a refreshing piece of film that contains not one single fart joke.Three stars from me as well.

Average Rating: *** (out of ****)

Commentary: Once again, Aron and Matt return to remind you how not to behave in a movie theater while the picture is showing.We only ask that you:

v     Please turn off your cell phones and blackberries

v     Keep talking to a minimum

v     Respect your fellow patrons that are still seated for the closing credits

v     Eat and drink quietly

v     Donít kick the back of the chair you are sitting behind

And, most importantly:

v     Do NOT bring small children to any film rated R and any children under the age of 2 to any movie unless it is geared towards them!!

(Tonightís episode featured Brandon Flash, Jacqueline Flash, Zachary Flash, Ivy Goggans and Julian Goggans- our resident Film Forum Kid Movie Experts- as the unruly children.All of these children know how to properly behave in the movie theater.We speak from experience.)

Featurette: Behind the scenes of the new King Kong

Special Thanks to:

v     Shanya and Jeff Flash for allowing their children to be on this episode

v     Grant Goggans for continuing to raise his children to behave in the theater regardless of the behavior of the kids around them

v     Bette Goggans for stage mom duties

We could not have done this episode without the help of everyone named above.