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    FREE money that’s available now if you want some for these things…

    Business Grants $155.5 Billion Available
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    Women's Grants $97.5 Billion Available
    Personal Grants $197.3 Billion Available
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    Community Development $37.5 Billion Available
    Nonprofit Organizations $102 Billion Available

    You can also get FREE MONEY in these categories as well...

    Business Start Up Grants for Women Nursing Training
    Child Care Business Expansion Single Parents
    Health Care Hispanic Grants Chronic Disease
    Personal Grants Music Education Special Education
    Beauty School Training Character Education Private Foundation Funding
    Education Funding College Grants Home Improvement
    Adult Education Crime Prevention Home Repair
    Minority Programs Dance Classes Foreign Students
    Affordable Housing Day Care Farms & Farming
    Scholarships Engineers Pre-School
    After School Grants Environmental Single Mothers
    Agriculture Funding Photography Rental Housing
    Government Business Grants and Loans Innovative Research and Technology Low Income Housing Purchase
    Art and Acting Entrepreneurs Non Profit Organizations
    Research Writers Product Research
    1st Time Home Buyers/Owners State Grants from all 50 States Real Estate Investment
    Pell Grants Catholic/Christian School Grants    

    Plus, you’re NOT limited, but can ask for as much as you want!

    Each resource I give you will direct you to a place (most on the Internet!) where you can just apply from your PC and get the money you want!

    If you are a student in particular and want FREE MONEY for schooling, then you’ll be interested to know that…

    • Linda M got $24,000 FREE in just 30 minutes just for asking!
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    • And the list goes on and on and on, …
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    $ Ronald O of Alabama received a $500 grant just to fix up his car! $ Sandie D of Houston, TX received a $3,500 grant to cover closing costs for her new home.
    $ Ritz C received $75,000 for hiring new employees in Topeka, KS. $ Linda S received $216,000 to start a fishing business in Alaska.
    $ Amazon.Com received $1.6 million to open a distribution center in Coffeyville, KS. $ Raymond W of Washington, DC at 68 years old received $20,000 to get a Masters Degree.
    $ George W. Bush, before he became President, received $200 million to build a new stadium for his baseball team, and that turned his $606,302 investment into $14.9 million. $ Len O of Colorado received $10,000 to take a computer course that resulted took him from earning $7 an hour as nightclub bouncer to a $50,000 year professional with benefits.
    $ Dick Cheney, before he became Vice-President, received $1.5 billion from Ex-Im and $2.3 billion in contracts for his energy company. $ Brett S received $175,000 to work on his invention, working on a machine the glues fabric together instead of sewing.
    $ James F of Washington, DC received over $500,000 in Government Grants To Travel the World. $ Dorothy H of Texas received $40,000 grant to pay for her daughter's hospital bill.
    $ The Snyder Seed Company of Buffalo received a $200,000 Government Grant to make a rodent repellant out of hot chili peppers. $ Arlene F received $99,867 to develop a new way of letting the elderly know about their possible drinking problems.
    $ Ameritrade, the on-line discount broker, received a grant for $1,000,000 to setup an office in Annapolis, MD. $ Linda Jacobs-Holcomb received $5,000 for speech therapy for her son.
    $ Tori S of Virginia received $15,000 at 40 years old to finish her college degree because she was suffering from low self esteem.

    $ A company in California, Beneficial Design, received a grant for $49,937 to develop a web site on hiking trails.

    And the list goes on and on! …

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    $200,000 To Buy Or Fix Up A Home In The Country
    $5,000,000 To Build An Apartment Building
    50% Discount For Teachers To Buy A Home
    $27,000 Grant To Fix Up Your Home
    $500 Per Month To Pay Your Rent
    $7 Million For Investors, Builders and Developers To Build Houses and Apartments
    $150,000 To Purchase A Condominium
    $27,500 In Grants and Loans To Fix Up Your Home
    $48,000 To Buy A Mobile Home
    $277,000 To Help Purchase a 2-4 Family Dwelling
    $100,000 To Buy Or Fix Up Houses In Older Areas Of A Town
    $15,000 For Down Payment and Closing Costs
    $30,000 For Teachers To Fix U up Their House
    $50,000 To Make an Apartment Out Of Your Basement
    $2,000 Security Deposit for Renters
    $800 to Help Pay Property Tax
    $7,000 To Make Your Home Handicap Accessible
    $2,000,000 To Build Apartment Buildings $35,000 To Paint Your Home
    0% Low Interest Loans To Buy A House
    $25,000 To Repair Your Septic Tank
    $3,000 To Cover Your Mortgage Payments Money For People With Bad Credit
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    $20,000 To Fix Up Your Home
    Free Help With Roofing, Plumbing, & Electrical Work
    $4,000 To Paint Your Home
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    $35,000 Forgivable Loan To Buy A House
    Money For Single Parents To Buy A Home
    Pay $60,000 For A $100,000 New Home
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    $1,000,000 To Be Your Own Boss
    Each Year Over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs get government money to start or expand a business like…

    • $150,000 to start a coffee shop
    • $30,000 to start a craft business in your home
    • $2,000,000 to be a real estate investor
    • $65,000 to open a hair salon
    • $50,000 to export cowboy boots to France
    • $10,000 to become a skate board distributor
    • $200,000 for your landscaping business
    • $300,000 to sell art to the government
    • $100,000 to be a freelancer working at home
    • $80,000 To Get The Education For Your Dream
    Each year over 6,000,000 job seekers from 17 to 75 get government money to go to college full time or part time like..
    • $45,000 plus $1,200 per month to become a health professional
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    • $350 colleges to attend for free if you’re 55+
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    Each year over 10,000,000 job seekers get government help to upgrade their skills like..
    • $8,000 to update your computer skills in 3 months
    • $5,000 to learn customer service skills
    • $15,000 to become a massage therapist
    • $5,000 for your new employer to hire you
    • $20/hr part time work while going to school
    • $10,000 for doctors to learn a new procedure
    • $12,000 to become a computer network engineer
    • $7,000 to learn to repair violins
    • $250,000 To Work On Your Invention
    Don’t call a private invention company if you have a good idea that the world has to have. Government offices will give you…
    • $150,000 to develop a measuring device for children
    • $75,000 to discover a way to eliminate rodents
    • $200,000 to improve the efficiency of automobiles
    • $60,000 to discover new uses for old tires
    • $250,000 if your idea will help the government save money
    • free help selling your idea to industry
    • free help getting patents, prototypes, manufacturers and distributors
    • $50,000 To Write A Book, Become A Dancer, Singer, Painter Or Poet

    You don’t have to be a Harvard graduate to write a successful book in the United States. I flunked English in college and sold over 2 million books

    • $50,000 from publishers to write a novel or non-fiction
    • $100,000 to write for the government on you kitchen table
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    • $12,000 to study your saxophone, dance or poetry
    • $5,000 to produce your own CD
    • $125,000 To Start A Non-Profit
    Over 1 million non-profits are registered with the government. You can get...
    • $50,000 to open a teen center
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    • $150,000 to open a bed and breakfast
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    Each year over 1 million entrepreneurs get over
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    • $30,000 FREE To Start A Business In A Small Town
    • $15,000 FREE For Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
    • FREE Money For Women To Start A Small Business When They're Out of Work
    • $250,000 To Start A Day Care Center
    • $FREE Money, Training and Child Care When You're Starting A Business
    • Free Seminars On How To Sell Your Products Overseas
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