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Welcome to the home page for 70's Dance Party. Videotaped live at People TV in Atlanta, Georgia, USA "Where Disco Lives Forever"

About 70's Dance Party:

Executive producer Randy "Spike" Dethman collaborated with A & R Productions business partner, Aron "Bugsy" Siegel to produce 70's Dance Party.  Director Allen Williams, with the help of cameras Phredd Allen, Andrew Fenlon, and Glen Edelson supplied the visual synchronization to Siegel and Dethman's freshly dusted Disco collection.

DJ "Spin Daddy" Alan White hosted 70's Dance Party.  He entertained the dancing crowd with contests and prizes including Mood Rings, Pet Rocks, and Bonnie Belle Lipsmacker.

70's Dance Party is a program devoted to the incredible Disco songs of the seventies that fortunately for most, never made it to the radio to be over-commercialized and overplayed.

The Music

A complete listing of each episode's songs can be found here.

The Guests

Although 70's Dance Party consists of only 7 episodes (which was the producers' intention from the beginning), guests included Grammy winning recording artist Alicia Bridges singing "I Love the Nightlife", a 70's classic.  You can see pictures of that episode here.  You can contact Alicia here.

Some of the other artists featured on 70's Dance Party's programs can be found at the Disco Museum


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