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Aron mixed an upcoming feature film, Stomp!Shout!Scream! 

Here are some pictures from the shoot:

Official Logo

Shooting on the track at the Citgo

Aron mixing at the Stockbridge Citgo

Shooting at the Motel in Florida

Aron reviewing the sound report 

Mounting the lights  with a "wall spreader" 

Art supplies a 60's light for the motel room

Grip Michael Brune adjusts a lamp  

Boom Operator Thomas Ward stands by

Assistant director Alex Orr stands in.

Boom Operator Thomas Ward ready  

Creating moonlight outside the motel

Getting ready to shoot a beach scene

The EXTRA girls for the beach scene

Johnny Knox as a garage mechanic

Travis as Hector

The Sunset on the beach

Shooting at sunset part two

The Skunk Ape roams the beach

The Skunk Ape roams the beach-Part 2

Actresses Claire and Mary on the beach

Cynthia Evans, Claire Bronson, Mary Kraft

SCynthia Evans, Claire Bronson, Mary Kraft

Cynthia Evans, Claire Bronson, Mary Kraft

Actor Jonathan Green

The police station

Photos by Aron Siegel, and from Jaye Edwards at the official Stomp!Shout!Scream! website here.


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Last modified: June 21, 2014