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Aron, Matt, Sherry and Denise (Technical Director) have worked on various films behind the cameras.  Click on the links below to see pictures behind the scenes.


Coming soon--

look for The yet untitled Equilibrium Fan Film, and the tentatively titled illustrated films' short Isaac.

Motives 2: Brother's Keeper

Rainforest Films (The Gospel, Stepshow) had such an incredible cult response to their DVD release of Motives (2002) that a sequel was put into the works with original stars Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill Volume 1, Independence Day), Shawn Blakemore, and Joe Torry.  Aron worked as location sound mixer for this 20 day shoot.

I am the Bluebird

Writer/Director Tom Verrette commissioned Aron to work as location sound mixer and production sound supervisor for this low budget family drama feature.  A teaser segment is available at www.youtube.com --search for "I am the Bluebird"

Like Moles, Like Rats

Aron traveled to Three-Caves in Huntsville Alabama to work with Azura Skye (28 Days, One MIssed Call), Reggie Cathy (Machinist, American Psycho), Diane Salinger (Batman Returns), and Josh Leonard (Blair witch Project) on this post-apocalyptic feature.  Pictures coming soon.


Illustrated Films' produced this short film for the 48 hour film project which won awards for best cinematography, best sound (both location by Aron Siegel and post audio--not Aron)  www.48hourfilm.com or to watch the film www.illustratedfilms.com

Prison Rules

Director Ryan Prows conceived this short which comments on society's treatment of schools and its comparison to prison.  Aron mixed.

Dirty Laundry

From director Maurice Jamal comes this comedy which stars Loretta Devine (Crash) about a truly dysfunctional family.  Aron worked as boom operator/assistant sound for the final week of principal photography.

Red 772

Award winning documentarian, Soraya Mire' conceived, wrote and directed this short semi-autobiographical account of the experiences of a your Somalie girl and her efforts to escape an oppressive family, an arranged marriage, and a life of confinement to a life of freedom.  Aron worked as sound mixer.

The Effect

Writer/Director Rob Vil is at it again with this short film about The Effect parents have on their kids.  Aron mixed.


 Aron was the sound mixer for  what writer/director Rossalind Luna (7 minutes without foreplay) put together as a pilot for Showtime that parellels two lives.  Melisa Cardona and Quint VonCannon star. 

Terminus/The Signal

From the people at Pop Films that brought you, The Last Goodbye, comes The Signal, a sci-fi horror film about the day something goes wrong in a small town completely wired into technology.  Aron is slated to work as sound mixer on this low budget thriller.


Blood Car

Writer/Director/Producer Alex Orr put together an amazing crew of Georgia filmmakers to create Blood Car, a soon to be classic camp horror film about a mild mannered vegan elementary school teacher who invents an alternative fuel source for an automobile engine--human blood.  Anna Chlumsky (My Girl) and Katie Rowlett star opposite Michael Brune.

Aron  mixed the project with a few days help from both Allen Williams and Sherry Waters as boom operators.

The Last Adam

When extra shooting days were necessary for The Last Adam from director Ed Banuel (A Message from Pops), Aron pitched in as a dayplayer (temporary crew) for sound mixer Mike Filosa (Atlanta Field Production).  The last day of production involved driving scenes and a burning house.  Pictures will follow soon.

The Novice

Principal photography was finished on The Novice in 2004.  Some additional photography/scenes were added in November of 2005 with talent Amy Acker, Orson Bean.  Aron was on board as sound mixer.

The Axe Man

Writer/Producer/Director Wade Ballance put together a short film entitled The Axe Man.  The story involves a freelancer who is hired specifically to fire people without the employees becoming abusive or violent.


Aron took on feature film project SHIVER for producer Philip Nutman.  Shot entirely on location in the abandoned Brawner Psychiatric Institute, SHIVER tells the story of a college professor who brings his students into an abandoned asylum to spend the night and get in touch with their emotions.  Murder and mayhem ensue.

Crystal River

Aron  boomed for Whit Norris on the feature film, Crystal River, which stars Sean Patrick Flanery, and then completed the film as sound mixer.


Aron and Sherry helped producer/director Jay Edwards as sound mixer and boom respectively with a live action short for the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD volume 4.  Writers Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis are hilarious.  Pictures coming soon.

My Sweet Misery

Aron worked as sound mixer for this low budget feature film starring Zach Hanks (Come Away Home), Anna Chlumsky (My Girl), and Thomas Jay Ryan (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) shot on location in Columbia and Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  Pics from the shoot  posted here.

The $100 Short short

Aron and Sherry helped Fake Wood Wallpaper filmmakers Michael Brune, Adam Pinney, and Hugh Braselton put together this short featuring Tommy Futch, Melissa Ponzio, Anna Kate Nalesnik, Jonathan Green, and others.

Dark Secrets

Aron and Sherry worked as the sound department for this short film for Rob Vil about the the "Down Low".  Special thanks to Atlanta Field Production for use of the sound equipment.


Kathy T Gives Good Hoover

Former Film Forum guest and Director of Photography for Stomp Shout Scream, Evan Lieberman wrote and directed this feature project.  Aron and Film Forum guest Whit Norris mixed, Matt and Allen boomed, and Sherry worked as a production assistant.  Click here for the imdb summary.  Special thanks again go to Mike Filosa of Atlanta Field Production for loaning sound equipment for the shoot.  Click here for the story published in the Emory Wheel.  Click here for the story published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peach Buzz.

A Message from Pops

This short film directed by Ed Banuel stars Greg-Alan Williams as a prisoner who videotapes a message for his son to not follow the same path that led to prison.  Click here for the imdb summary.  You can visit the production site here.

"Coming Up Roses"

Aron was the sound mixer for this TV pilot shot for executive producer Dallas Austin (Drumline).  Sherry worked as an Art department P.A., and a floating P.A.  The story centers around Caroline DeMarco (played by April Clark), a character developed in the Outkast Music Video "Roses".  Thanks again to Mike Filosa of Atlanta Field Production for use of his equipment.

Stomp! Shout! Scream!

Aron worked as sound mixer for this two week shoot, both in Atlanta and Bradenton (near Tampa), FL.  Click here to see a quick time teaser trailer/music video.  Click here to see some pics from the shoot. The official website is here.  Thanks to Adam Jones and again to Mike Filosa of Atlanta Field Production for use of their equipment.

Darkest Adversary

Aron and Matt worked together as Sound Mixer and Boom Operator respectively on Rorschach Productions entry in the 48 Hour Film Project for 2004.  Click here to watch the short from the Rorschach website.

Piedmont Park Conservancy

Aron worked as utility sound for Whit Norris for this "trailer" that was shown before all the Piedmont Park Screen on the Green Films for 2004.

The Last Sunset

Originally called "First Offense", Aron worked utility sound for Sound Mixer Whit Norris on this film directed by Michael Valverde and produced by former 99x DJ Barnes.  The film stars Joan Severance, Corbin Bernsen, Rodney Scott and Anna Kate Nalesnik.

The Audit

This short film written and directed by Art Kochukov about office politics and the extremes workers will go to get laid off with a great separation package had Aron mixing sound and boom operator Mick Davies pointing the stick.  The IMDB reference is here.  And pics from the shoot are here.  Thanks to Mike Filosa of Atlanta Field Production for use of his equipment.


Knuckle Sandwich

Matt, Aron and Denise worked on a recent film production for Dogmatic films called Knuckle Sandwich.  Click here for some pics taken during the shoot and at the premiere. 

Storyboard in A Major

Aron worked with storyboard artist turned director Ted Boonthanakit on this film for the 48 Hour Film Project  in May of 2003.  Click here to watch it on the web!  Click here for pictures behind the scenes!


The Greenskeeper

In October of 2001, Aron was asked to work location sound for a locally produced feature starring John Rocker.  Click here to go to IMDB for the details and click here to order your copy!


Image Film and Video

For anyone interested in getting involved in the film industry, check out Image Film and Video Center here in Atlanta, Georgia.  Image offers courses in a number of different fields in the film industry. 


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